The Results! - February 2020 (Dividends, YouTube & Blog Stats)

Welcome to February 2020 - The Results!

Wow, what a February it has been in terms of the market.  After massive sell-offs in the last week of the month.  On March 2, the day of this writing, the markets stormed back.  From CNBC, "The Dow closed 1,293.96 points higher, or 5.1%, at 26,703.32. The move on a percentage basis was the Dow’s biggest since March 2009. It was the largest-ever points gain for the 30-stock average."

With these wild swings we've been seeing in the markets lately, my strategy has not changed.  I will continue to invest periodically and buy according to my asset allocation strategy.  As I prefer to spend more time in the market vs trying to time the market.

Now...let's get down to my numbers...which is why you're reading this....

As I previously mentioned, my investing approach I have kept simple and easy to manage.  I have a handful of ETFs that I invest in periodically and they deliver dividend income either monthly or on a quarterly basis.

The ETFs I have chosen to invest are diversified globally to cover Canada, US, Developed and Emerging markets.  The ETFs I own are also split into 2 buckets, one that follows a traditional index and one that is tilted towards dividends.

Without further ado, here is my update for February 2020:
Dividends Received:  $365.86
Dividends Forecasted:  $271.76

Smashed through my forecast this time around 😎 unlike last month...

My forecast accuracy dropped to 74% for the month, but I'll take that if i'm hitting the green when it comes to going above my forecast.

One of my holdings, ZDY issued a larger than expected cash distribution this month and caused the large positive variance when compared to my estimate.

My trailing 12-months of Dividend Income represents an hourly working wage of $2.14.  Not enough for living, but at least it's growing!  This is translates to a nice $0.09 raise since the last update.  Life changing....!?

February's dividend income resulted in a 101% Increase from February of last year and a $184.22 increase in absolute figures. All thanks to ZDY🤑

The chart below shows my historical dividend income since the inception of my portfolio:

You can visually see the power of compounding in the graph below:

Before I end the February Dividend Update, let's take a look at some forecasted figures for 2020!

With February in the books for 2020, my re-forecast is showing a higher finish to 2020 compared to my Original Forecast on January 1, 2020.  The way my re-forecast works is that it's connected to live market data, so as the markets move up and down, and as I invest more capital, the Re-Forecast is constantly changing to reflect these portfolio movements.

So I really don't have to update my Re-forecast manually, it's a snapshot at a point in time and is constantly changing to reflect market conditions.

How was your February for dividends?  Let me know in the comments below!


If you haven't already, I would really appreciate if you could check out my YouTube Channel and hit that subscribe button and maybe watch a video or two? 🤞😄

I wasn't as active on YouTube as I wanted to be, however, I do have a couple of videos in the pipeline and hopefully that will result in an uptick in activity.


I was able to break the 1000 page views milestone this month, thanks to Mark Seed for hosting one of my posts on his Weekend Reads.

Since this blog is based out of Ontario, Canada, makes sense most of you readers are also from Canada, Oh Canada!🍁.  Also cool to see readers from around the world to drop by and check out some of my posts.

The list above shows my popular posts from February.  I'm trying to post a variety of content that I like writing about.  Some technical topics such as how the tax act defines residency for tax purposes.  I'll post about my travel experiences so you guys can check that out as well.  Of course there will also be posts regarding my portfolio.

Alright so that concludes my monthly update!

DGX Capital

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  1. nice dgx

    That is a massive growth rate and shows the process works. keep it up. Congrats on the record month for views on the blog as well

    keep it up

    1. Thanks Rob, gotta trust in the process and hopefully it continues to payoff in the long-run.

  2. Awesome stuff DGX, awesome stuff. All your numbers are trending in the right direction. Progress is definitely being made here!!


    1. Thanks Bert, I'm aiming to hit around 10k by the end of next year :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the numbers, DGX! Your dividend income is looking nice with that triple digit YoY increase. And nice work with your YouTube and Blogging numbers. I have been considering sharing my numbers too, but am still undecided because of time and other posts I want to complete. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks RTC, I agree with you right there. A lot of time invested is required to churn out posts and YouTube videos + daily life.


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