How I made $26.56 in Cash Back without any Spending

Hey Guys,

Here to give you a break from all Coronavirus related news everywhere, to talk about earning extra cash back.

So the other day, I received my cheque in the mail from Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) and it was for $26.56.  What's so special about this?  It's because I didn't have to spend anything to get it (more on this later).

First, let's talk about what Rakuten is and how it works.

Rakuten is an online portal with a collection of shops such as Amazon, Dyson, Expedia, Dell, etc. and if you go to these sites using Rakuten, you earn cash-back on your spend.  Rakuten gets paid commission for bringing you to the site, in turn, they pass along a portion of it to you.  It's a Win-Win for everybody. 

You sign up, click on a link to your favorite store, and make a purchase. Ebates then puts a percentage of that purchase into your Ebates account. They will mail you a check three times a year.  It's that simple.

Ebates Inc. was founded in 1998 by two deputy district attorneys in the U.S. In 2012, they expanded the business to Canada, and are also present in China and South Korea. Rakuten Canada has its headquarters in Toronto.  Today, they have well over 5 million members in Canada.

So How does one get Started?

First, you need to sign up using your Google, FaceBook or E-email Account.  (Tip:  If you sign up by using this link and spend $25 through their online portal, you'll get $5!).

It doesn't cost you anything extra to use their site to go to their list of over 750 stores.  Plus, if you have a cash back credit card, you can stack your cash back.  If you're going to buy something online anyways, you might as well reduce your overall cost by maximizing your cash back...I mean...why not?

So let's say you want to shop at Amazon, all you have to do is either search for your store of choice or select it from their list of stores, and you'll see a page like the image above.  So as of this writing, they're offering up to 4% cash back.

Now be careful, just because it says 4%, doesn't mean you get that on whatever you buy.  Scroll down to see the details and you'll see a breakdown of categories:

Based on what you're looking for, you can receive either 0% cash back or up to 4%.  This may seem like a waste, but remember, this can be on top of the cash back you receive based on your credit card, so this is just a bonus. 

Once you hit the shop now button, you'll end up at the homepage of Amazon, and can shop around as you normally would. 

When do you actually get your Cash Back?

This is their timeline for sending cash back via mail.  You can also request your cash back via Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards if you don't want a physical cheque in the mail.

Other Tips

  • They also have an app you can download on Android and iOS.  This way, if you're shopping while on the go, you can still maximize your cash back.
  • Not only does Rakuten offer cash back on shopping, but they also have a list of coupons on the homepage of a retailer that you can use for additional discounts!
  • Browser extension, Rakuten Express is a browser extension that does all the work for you. You’ll never miss Cash Back again: Rakuten Express automatically alerts you when Cash Back is available at participating merchants. It saves you time: You can now earn Cash Back at your favourite stores without visiting first.

My Story

So how did I get my cash back without really spending anything?

I had to buy contacts for myself and noticed as one of the listed retailers for glasses and contact lenses.  At the time they were offering a whopping 9% cash back on purchases from Clearly.

Luckily, my employer, reimburses costs through our health plan for glasses and contact lenses.  I went to Rakuten, looked up Clearly, went there and purchased enough contact lenses for the next year.  I earned cash back on my purchase for using the site + from my credit card.  Afterwards, I submitted my expense to my employer sponsored health plan and I was reimbursed the full amount.  Win-Win!

Summary is free; all you need is an email address. Once you’ve signed up on the site and chosen a password, you’ll be logged in and on your way to earning Cash Back at your favourite online stores. 

All you have to do is first visit the site to browse all the stores and top brands available through — with over 750 stores to choose from you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. 

Once you settle on the store you’d like to shop at, click the red ‘Shop Now’ button to be taken to that store’s site. Shop as you normally would on the store’s site and Rakuten will track your purchase and deposit the Cash Back you’ve earned into your Rakuten account within a few days.

Just like almost every other online shopping site, they get a commission from the stores when you make a purchase and they share a portion of it with you!

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  1. Gotta love receiving those cheques in the mail :) I know I sure do.

    1. Yes sir! These are nice little nuggets of cash :)


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