The Results! - January 2020 (Dividends, YouTube & Blog Stats)

Welcome to January 2020 - The Results!

Wow, what a January it has been in terms of the market.  Just today on the last day of January, the DOW dropped more than 600 points due to the fear of the fast-spreading coronavirus.  Could this be a sign of things to come as the virus spreads further?  Only time will tell.  

Anywho...let's get down to my numbers...which is why you're reading this....

My investing approach I have kept simple and easy to manage.  I have a handful of ETFs that I invest in periodically and they deliver dividend income either monthly or on a quarterly basis.

The ETFs I have chosen to invest are diversified globally to cover Canada, US, Developed and Emerging markets.  The ETFs I own are also split into 2 buckets, one that follows a traditional index and one that is tilted towards dividends.

Without further ado, here is my update for January 2020:
Dividends Received:  $265.56
Dividends Forecasted:  $271.78

Not bad right?  Coming within $6 of my forecast and close to 98% accuracy.  That's a pat on the back 😎  Let's see if I can keep this up for the rest of the year!

My rolling 12-months of Dividend Income represent an hourly working wage of $2.05.  Not enough for living, but at least it's growing!  This is up a cool $0.04 since the last update.  Life changing....!?

January's dividend income represents a 50% Increase from January of last year and a $88.31 increase in absolute figures. 🤑

The chart below shows my historical dividend income since the inception of my portfolio:

You can visually see the power of compounding in the graph below:

Before I end the January Dividend Update, let's take a look at some forecasted figures for 2020!

With January in the books for 2020, my re-forecast is showing a slightly lower finish to 2020 compared to my Original Forecast that my model showed on January 1, 2020.  The way my re-forecast works is that it's connected to live market data, so as the markets move up and down, and as I invest more capital, the Re-Forecast is constantly changing to reflect these portfolio movements.

So I really don't have to update my Re-forecast manually, it's a snapshot at a point in time and is constantly changing to reflect market conditions.

How was your January for dividends?  Let me know in the comments below!


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Would have been neat to hit 1000 page views in my first month, oh well, maybe February?

Since this blog is based out of Ontario, Canada, makes sense most of you readers are also from Canada, Oh Canada!🍁

Looks like you guys enjoyed reading my December Dividend Update - Thank you!  Hope you enjoyed reading through this post as well.

Alright so what do you guys think of my first month of blogging? 👀

DGX Capital

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  1. Congrats on your first month of blogging! 1,000 page views is a great start and you can track weekly instead of daily since there will be valleys and peaks.

    Your dividend income is an inspiration. I didn't have much dividend income in January because of my portfolio allocation. It's nice to see how successful you can be with ETFs not just buying stocks.

    Have you considered moving the site to It's much shorter and easier to remember than your current blogspot domain. Drop me an email if you need help moving to a better domain.

    1. Thanks Investor Trip!

      I'm looking forward to breaking the 1000 page view mark as I continue blogging. I'm glad you found my dividend income stream to be inspiring. This is one of the reasons I started blogging, to showcase that ETF investing can be simple and bountiful.

      I'm going to stick with the blogspot domain and see how it goes on this platform. Once my blog is more established, i'm open to other advances :)

  2. Congrats DGX, nice dividend income for January you saw tremendous growth. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Matthew!

      Really hoping if the growth keeps up I end up smashing through my forecast and end up with $6500 in dividends for the year.

  3. nice dgx

    gotta love that growth 50% sweeet!!!

    Nice work on youtube as well, almost 50 subs added is impressive


    1. Thanks Rob!

      I'm looking to maintain this 50% growth throughout the year, should be a good one :)


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