Investing in Home Automation

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I recently picked up a Roomba to see what all the hype around a robot vacuum is all about.  Do you want to invest in home automation to help you cut back on mundane chores and claw back some free time?
In this video, I'll Unbox the iRobot Roomba E6 and go through the basic setup and maintenance tips to get your Roomba up and running.  The E6 model is the entry level in the iRobot Roomba series.

If you're curious to what actually a robot vacuum is go and ahead and check out the video.  
Features: Power-Lifting Suction delivers 5X the air power* for improved pick-up performance. *(Compared to Roomba 600 Series)Ideal for homes with pets. Premium 3-stage Cleaning System cleans the dirt and pet hair you see and the allergens and dust you don't. Simply rinse away dirt or debris left behind in the washable bin.Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes don't get tangled with pet hair. Brushes adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with carpets and hard floors.Full sui…

DG Capital - New Milestone (50+ Subscribers)

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I would like to wish everyone out there a very Happy and Safe Canada Day!  🍁
Hope you guys get a chance to kick back and safely enjoy the summer weather

Wanted to dedicate this quick post for crossing the 50 Subscriber milestone on my channel, feels like a major achievement for starting something less than 3 weeks ago.
Summary of my channel: ·Launch:  June 13, 2020·Milestone 1:5 Subs – June 19, 2020·Milestone 2:25+ Subs – June 22, 2020·Milestone 3:  50+ Subs – June 30, 2020
Thank you everyone for the support and feedback I've received from this blog, and I look forward to your continued support :)

Thank you for subscribing to the channel and if you haven't please do Subscribe!
I have a lot more ideas for upcoming videos so stay tuned!
- DG Capital

Excel Pivot Tables and Dashboards for Beginners 2020 | Increase Your Salary With This Skill! πŸ’²

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Did you know Full-time employees in certain industries can see a starting salary bump of anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 per year based on their Excel skills.  That is not something you should ignore!  
In this video, I will walk you through the basics of how to create Pivot Tables and quickly organize and extra value from your Data.  You can then take this one step further by creating a dashboard to quickly organize and manipulate your data to find answers as you need. 

If you are just a beginner learning excel, this video is for you!  If you already know how to work with Pivot, you might pick up something you did not know before.  I have over a decade of experience working with Excel, Pivot Tables and Dashboards and I will be sharing with you some of my secrets.
If you are in the business field, Pivot Tables and dashboards are one of the most sought-after skills on a resume.  If you can really make use of them, you become immediately more valuable to your employer and command a…

Weekend Reflections - #2

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Welcome back to another Edition of Weekend Reflections.  This is where I compile a list of articles, videos and other content from myself and around the web that has caught my attention 😎
Nice day for a quick visit to the beach!
If you have a post or a video you'd like me to feature, please reach out through the contact form on the left-hand side. 
DG Capital Updates:
Dividend Investing - A Beginner's Guide | Dividends Explained

In this video, I'll explain the concept of Dividend Investing as a Beginner, what dividends are, why companies pay dividends and if you should be investing in dividend stocks. I hope you enjoy and learn something new with this Guide to Dividend Investing for Beginners.
Luxury 4 Star Hotel - Walking Tour | Is it Worth it? | Hyatt Regency - Houston Galleria

325 luxurious rooms featuring modern dΓ©cor & amenities, stunning city views, luxurious bathrooms, a mini-fridge, coffee maker, complimentary WiFi internet, and 55” HDTVs. Select rooms incl…

The Truth About Dividends! | What You Need to Know as a Dividend Investor

Hey Guys,Welcome back to DG Capital, where I talk about all things Personal finance, Investing and Stock Market Related.Today’s post is all about Dividends, the sweet sweet monthly cash flow paid out to shareholders by corporations big and small.A dividend is a cash payment from a company's earnings.It is announced by a company's board of directors and distributed to stockholders.  In other words, dividends are an investor's share of a company's profits and are given to them as a part-owner of the company. There are 3 main ways to benefit from owning stock:Collecting Dividends, Sell/Buying Options, Or Selling Your Ownership.  When a company makes profit from it’s operations, it can either take a portion of this profit and return it to their shareholders as dividends or reinvest the funds back into the company with hopes of growing the business which in turn creates capital appreciation that translates into a higher stock price.Let us take Apple as an example, when Apple…

Weekend Reflections - #1

Hey Guys!
Hope you're all keeping safe out there.  Now that the weather is really nice outside here in Toronto, it's hard to stay indoors and watch the daylight go by.  Even when I'm outside, I do my best to make sure I keep a safe physical distance and have gloves, masks and my hand sanitizer with me.
Nice day for a walk!
As many other bloggers have series where they host articles from around the web, I'd thought I do something similar but with my own take.
But before I get into that, I wanted to give a shoutout to all the readers for the support I've received on my re-brand and the launch of my Personal Finance YouTube Channel.   Thank you!  Your support and feedback means a lot πŸ˜€ Today, I'd like to present my first instalment of "Weekend Reflections".  I'll post articles and videos from around the web that have caught my attention this past week.  In addition, I'll be recapping posts from my blog and YouTube Channel.  
If you have a post or a vid…

Master Excel with DG Capital!

Hey Guys!
For work and personal analytics, I use a ton of Excel in my daily life.  There are times when all I have open on my 3 screens (laptop + 2 external monitors) are a bunch of Excel files.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
I love how you can use excel and the power it brings to organize, classify and analyze data.  I'm always getting asked how one would do this or that in excel.
So I thought why not take my expertise in Excel and offer it to you guys!  I'm starting a new YouTube series for Excel Tutorials from the ground up.  Meaning if you don't have experience, that's ok!  I'll walk you through the basics and go in-depth to help you really master that function or formula.
I've been honing my Excel skills for over a decade and now I'm at a stage where using it has become second nature.
Using advanced Excel skills I've been able to create algorithmic models that forecast my Dividend Income and Future Portfolio Value in real-time.  As the markets update, s…

DG Capital - Rebranded!

Hey Guys!If you have been following my blog since Day 1, you know I was posting videos about travel and tech on YouTube.  However, I realized, I'm not really a travel vlogger or a tech specialist.... I'm a Money Guy, I've studied Money (Bachelors in Accounting) and received my CPA, CA designation while working at a national Accounting Firm.  I know about Money, from a professional perspective and from a personal finance perspective.  This will be now my sole focus on this blog and on YouTube.I hope you guys will continue to support this blog as you have done (even though I had gone inactive for the last little while....) but now that I have refocused on what I want to do.  My hope is that this will translate into consistent activity on the blog and YouTube.So with that said, please check out my channel and first video, would love it if you guys subscribe!Let's take it away...Welcome to DG Capital

This channel will be my medium for me to share my financial journey and eve…

Quick Update - I'm still here!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts on the blog.  Got really swept up with personal life, work was super busy and then on top of that was helping my own clients through tax season.

I've been working from home for the past month now and helping my tax clients virtually as opposed to in-person meetings.  This was a bit of an adjustment, but it's great what you can do with technology.
I had my clients upload their documents through either Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, etc. and then I could use those documents to draft their returns.  Once the returns were drafted, I can email the PDF copies to my clients for review.  If needed, I was available through video chat to answer any questions or walk them through the returns.
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
I'm in the middle of drafting my March 2020 results, so you guys can see the impact of the economic slowdown due to Covid-19 has on a portfolio made up entirely of ETFs.  Hint:  Dividends do feel the pain even through …

How I made $26.56 in Cash Back without any Spending

Hey Guys,

Here to give you a break from all Coronavirus related news everywhere, to talk about earning extra cash back.

So the other day, I received my cheque in the mail from Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) and it was for $26.56.  What's so special about this?  It's because I didn't have to spend anything to get it (more on this later).

First, let's talk about what Rakuten is and how it works.

Rakuten is an online portal with a collection of shops such as Amazon, Dyson, Expedia, Dell, etc. and if you go to these sites using Rakuten, you earn cash-back on your spend.  Rakuten gets paid commission for bringing you to the site, in turn, they pass along a portion of it to you.  It's a Win-Win for everybody. 

You sign up, click on a link to your favorite store, and make a purchase. Ebates then puts a percentage of that purchase into your Ebates account. They will mail you a check three times a year.  It's that simple.

Ebates Inc. was founded in 1998 by two deput…